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founders Richard and Carolyn Bland, founders of United Prison Ministries International, have made it their life’s work to serve the Lord and spread his word. For over 33 years, UPMI has donated over 70 million Bibles and spiritual literature free of charge to inmates and their families all over the world. Read more.
  • April 7, 2015Sandy
    I am a student of your Bible studies on sharing Christ’s love. I really enjoyed they lessons they were great and brought up a lot of things that I had needed to remember and brush up on. Sandy, prisoner in California
  • March 31, 2015Scott
    Good afternoon, My name is Scott and I am currently taking your Bible study course. I must say that it is really helping me have a clearer and greater understanding of the Lord and His purpose for placing us on earth. Thank you. Scott, prisoner in Indiana
  • March 24, 2015David
    Greetings Brother Bland, Thank you and congratulations on your wonderful ministry and service to those of us held behind these bitter walls. I pray that Almighty Jehovah God will continue to bless you all with excellent health, vision and longevity, as well as protection for any hurt, harm or danger as you endeavor to reach many more behind enemy lines. Continue Reading
  • March 10, 2015Isaac
    Greetings, I’m writing you in reference to receiving a Bible study and a copy of the book, Bible Answers. I’ve borrowed one from a friend, but he’s leaving soon. This study has been very helpful to me. So If you’ll send me the study along with a Bible and Bible Answers, I will continue to grown in the Lord. May Continue Reading
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The mission, passion, and purpose of United Prison Ministries International is to share the love of God; present the gospel of Jesus Christ and express the meaning of faith through the power of prayer.