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founders Richard and Carolyn Bland, founders of United Prison Ministries International, have made it their life’s work to serve the Lord and spread his word. For over 33 years, UPMI has donated over 70 million Bibles and spiritual literature free of charge to inmates and their families all over the world. Read more.
  • September 26, 2015Christopher
    Dear Friends in Christ, “The first two study books sparked a flame of burning passion for my Lord and Savior. I didn’t know that I was following the popular beliefs of the misguided. The study guides lead me to the word and what I found changed me. I still have a long path to travel until I fully understand the Continue Reading
  • August 23, 2015Edwin
    Your books have been of great spiritual help to me, especially “Bible Answers.” I have really learned some amazing Bible truths. I love the way it was set up with every single subject you need to study. Thank you for your great contribution. I’ll like to obtain “Bible Answers” in Spanish if you have it. and please send me an Continue Reading
  • August 16, 2015Joseph
    Thank you for providing me with this Bible lesson course. I enjoyed them very much. When I get out of lockdown, I will talk to the Chaplain about getting baptized. Your course helped me make the decision. God bless. Joseph, prisoner in Alabama.
  • August 9, 2015Pete
    Enclosed are my Bible lessons to be corrected. I would like to receive “The Desire of Ages” and “Bible Answers”. I would also like to thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the course. I enjoyed it very much. It was informative, refreshing and encouraging. My only regret is that it is over. I thank you for Continue Reading
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The mission, passion, and purpose of United Prison Ministries International is to share the love of God; present the gospel of Jesus Christ and express the meaning of faith through the power of prayer.