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One of the largest developers and distributors of Christian literature for prisoners and ex-offenders. Specializing in Christian literature and programs in the areas of spirituality and self-development.

UPMI United Prision ministries international

Continuing the 4 decades of the dynamic legacy of winning souls for Jesus Christ behind bars.  Following the Commission of Jesus - "to visit those in prison".

  1. Strategic Initiative: To bring God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit to the hearts and minds of the prisoners while transforming their lives from behind bars.

  2. Restorative Ministry: Addressing the spiritual needs of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated for re-entry back into society through life-changing literature and Biblically-based programs.

  3. Continuing the Vision by Sharing The Gospel Message:  With newly developed Bible-based literature to be placed in the hands of the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated and the many souls who are thirsting for the redemptive power of the Word of God! 


Jesus opens the doors of the incarcerated hearts and your compassionate gift today provides the earthly means to bring a heavenly result!

A Brief History

Four Decades of Service


It was in 1980, the Blands, UPMI founders were invited to visit a local prison in Alabama. After this visit the Holy Spirit pressed upon their hearts that the inmates were hungering and thirsting to know about Jesus Christ.  This began the first delivery of literature by UPMI into the prison of two-hundred copies of The Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ delivered to the prison chaplain for the inmates.  The prison chaplain was so greatly impressed by these books that he requested one thousand more copies!


Thereafter, the Blands organized a small group from several local churches. This was the beginning of United Prison Ministries.  In just over a year, UPM grew from one to nine prisons per week with 110 volunteers.  In 1984, UPM expanded to other states.  In 1989, after visiting prisons in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Norway and giving thousands of spiritual books throughout, United Prison Ministries became United Prison Ministries International (UPMI).  Eventually UPMI reached hundreds of prisons around the world such as Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Africa, India, Canada, France, Indonesia, Philippines, plus many more.


UPMI is currently reaching into over four thousand prisons in all 50 states and has distributed more than 78 million Bibles, Bible lessons, and life changing books free of charge to prisoners around the world.  Now, countless prisoners have made a decision for Christ and are keeping His Ten Commandments because of your prayers and giving.

The Answer to Crime is Christ

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst for prison and prisoner reform; a vehicle for the reduction of recidivism amongst ex-offenders and an agency for prison prevention among at-risk youth through biblically based literature and programs.


The Answer to Crime is Christ.

UPMI is dedicated to providing prisoners, ex-prisoners, juvenile offenders, at-risk youth, and children of prisoners life changing literature and programs to reduce recidivism.



The Bible is the foundation for all doctrine and faith-based Christian principles implemented by UPMI. Our responsibility is to allow the Spirit of God to work through us; to make the Word of God so desirable that all whom we serve might understand true freedom in Christ Jesus. 

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UPMI Prison Chapel Services and Bible Classes

During UPMI’s small group training, inmates are asked to enroll three others into the UPMI What the Bible Says™, Bible study program. Most inmates recruited not only enroll other inmates, but also their family and friends. On average, inmates enroll many more than three people and this can add up significantly. Each year thousands of Bible studies are given by inmates and volunteers.


Many government officials believe that the work of sharing Christ’s love has done more to curb crime than guards, higher prison walls, and increasing financial expenditures.

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Our Vision

UPMI's vision is to provide life-changing programs to all who will receive and accept The Good News, helping as many prisoners as possible find Christ, while helping them transition back into society as positive productive citizens.

Approximately 1.9 million men and women are incarcerated in the USA. Hundreds of thousands will be released this year! UPMI will be there to help the incarcerated and the newly released prepare for re-entry with the PEREP program. This program will provide the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals the tools to re-enter society as self-reliant, productive, and God-fearing citizens. UPMI, with your support, will continue to forge new ground with Bible-based programs to reduce recidivism, assuring that our brothers and sisters do not return to a life of hopelessness that ends in crime. 

For more information

Click on the PEREP link above. 

UPMI United Prison Ministries International


  1. Carolyn Bland, Co-Founder/Director

  2. Mary Pulliam, Chairman

  3. Scott Tibbs, Executive Director

  4. Edward Scott, Jr., CFO/CPA, Treasurer

  5. Dr. Walton Whaley, Pastor

  6. Chaplain Natalie Wells -Tibbs, COO

  7. Nadia Hardin, Sr. Accounts​                                                           

Carolyn Brand - UPMI Co-Founder

 Carolyn Bland, co-Founder


  1. The Official United Prison Ministries International Day, awarded by Mayor Arrington, City of Birmingham, 1984.

  2. APMOA Board selected UPMI as the recipient for the 2012, Outstanding Missionary Award.

  3. North American Division of the SDA awarded UPMI in 2019, The Lifetime Achievement Award.

  4. UPMI literature has been approved by the American Correctional Association, ACA, as Positive Life-Changing Materials for Inmates.  UPMI is listed as a Christian literature and program resource for thousands of USA Correctional Facilities.

  5. UPMI has ministered in 72 countries.

  6. UPMI developed the successful New Start Lifestyle program for the Maranatha Prison and Work Release Facility, California.

  7. UPMI developed the Prison Economic Reform Educational Program (PEREP).

  8. UPMI is one of the largest developers and distributors of Christian literature for prisoners and ex-offenders.

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We Need Your Support Today!

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United We Stand

United Prison Ministries International concentrates its efforts to assist other ministries and organizations to meet their goal to follow God's command to 'visit those in prison'.  UPMI provides a resource library for organizations to spread the Word of God in all 50 states and internationally. UPMI continues to engage the community, church and strengthen the family, by empowering family members of the incarcerated loved ones as well as church members who are driven to be a part of prison ministry.

Contact us today for more information.

The Answer to Crime is Christ


UPMI continues to focus on its objective to share the Gospel message to all who will receive God's word.  



A. Literature publishing, printing and distribution. UPMI's literature is American Correctional Association (ACA) certified.

B. Evangelism behind bars, Bible study and biblically based programs, chapel, seminars and revival services.

C. Health, hope and healing community outreach.

D. Ex-offender restoration and training. 

E. Juvenile offenders and at-risk youth programs. 


Staff & Qualification: 

UPMI is directed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.  The UPMI Board is comprised of the Executive Director, co-Founder, Pastor, CPA/CFO (IRS Auditor), COO, Sr. Accountant, Licensed Financial Officer, Health and Wellness Director, Ex-Offender Program Director, Chaplain, Chapel Service Director, American Correctional Association (ACA) member, Juvenile Offender and At-Risk Youth Program Director. All UPMI staff and volunteers that minister within correctional facilities are PREA certified.



UPMI Board of Directors meet quarterly.  UPMI files 990 annually with the IRS. UPMI is a registered entity and a 501(c)(3) non-profit/certified charity.  UPMI is a faith-based, self-supporting organization that relies on the loving support of its donors.  UPMI prepares monthly and quarterly financial reports, demonstrating a high level of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and technical capacity that meets the needs of project beneficiaries, donors and sponsors.

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