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UPMI United Prision ministries international

Let's Make A Change

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Where more prisons, higher walls and stronger bars have failed, UPMI has the answer.  The answer to crime is Christ!

Our 41 years of successful service to inmates, ex-offenders and family members is due to life-changing, biblically-based programs and literature.

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"We can build all the jails we think we need and slam down the doors on thousands of people, but it won't make a bit of difference until we address the fundamental causes of crime."  John Conyers, Jr., Former Member of The U.S. Congress.

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890 County Rd 93, Verbena, AL 36091

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The United States has the most prisoners per capita in the world.  Approximately 2.2 million people are now behind bars in the USA.  Overcrowded prisons, high rates of crime plague our system.  These statistics show the importance of Prison Ministry and the need for those who want to change lives behind bars to get involved to introduce more life-changing literature, seminars, programs and options to the inmates that make up this large segment of our society.  This also effects approximately 25 million family members of the incarcerated.

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