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United Prison Ministries International

Moving prisoners from Salvation to Self-reliance through the

Prison Economic Reform Educational Program (PEREP).
330KP Project will train 330,000 prisoners over the next 5 years.

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Transforming Prisoners from the Inside for Life on the Outside

Our brothers and sisters behind bars need you! We invite you to join us in the mission of fighting the recidivism epidemic among prisoners by sponsoring a prisoner in PEREP.  Your tax-deductible gift of $99
will provide a transformative program for an inmate.

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Dr. Roland J. Hill books

(PEREP is available for the general public)

UPMI has created a transformational curriculum that not only introduces prisoners to Christ, but moves them to self-reliance through entrepreneurship. This 90-day curriculum prepares prisoners for re-entry
into the free world by encouraging mastery of
SEATS: Spiritual Mastery; Emotional Mastery; Arts Mastery; Trade Mastery; and Specific Knowledge Mastery.

(Certificate granted after each course)



PO Box 8
Verbena, Alabama, 36091

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Yes! I want to make a difference in the lives of those behind bars by sponsoring an inmate Today!

Sponsor a prisoner in PEREP and help us fight the epidemic of recidivism among prisoners. Your tax-deductible gift of $99 plus state sponsorship will enroll an inmate TODAY! 

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Thank you for your generous support!

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PEREP prepares you for re-entry into the free world by encouraging mastery of SEATS: Spiritual Mastery; Emotional Mastery; Arts Mastery; Trade Mastery; and specific Knowledge Mastery. 
(Certificate granted after each course)

success it's bigger than bars

Course #1 - Success:

It's Bigger Than Bars

30-Day study program for changing
philosophies about success. Teaching prisoners to understand the ripple effect of their actions.

Course #2 - Total Life Stewardship for Prisoners

30-Day course in managing emotions, spirituality, and daily living. Teaching prisoners the importance of Discipline, Management, and Positive Thinking.

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Course #3 - Financial Fitness for Prisoners

One of the top reasons for Incarceration and Recidivism is financial illiteracy and misconceptions about wealth and money. This 30-Day course trains prisoners in Financial Literacy, Debt Elimination, Wealth Creation, Biblical investing, and Living the Abundant Life.

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TOTAL LIFE stewardship for prisoners
Upmi world headquarters


It was in 1980, when Richard & Carolyn Bland, UPMI founders were invited to visit a local prison in Alabama. After this visit the Holy Spirit pressed upon their hearts that the inmates were hungering and thirsting to know about Jesus Christ. This began the first delivery of literature by UPMI into the prison.  The Blands, delivered two-hundred copies of The Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ to the prison Chaplain for the inmates that day.

Thereafter, the Blands organized a small group from several local churches, and this began the work of United Prison Ministries.  In just over a year, UPMI grew from one to nine prisons per week with 110 volunteers. In 1984, UPMI expanded to other states. In 1989, UPMI extended its reach to hundreds of prisons around the world and became United Prison Ministries International.

UPMI currently serves over four thousand correctional facilities in all 50 states and has distributed more than 78 million Bibles, Bible lessons, and life-changing books free of charge to prisoners and ex-prisoners around the world. Now, thousands of prisoners, ex-offenders and their family members have made a decision for Christ and are obedient servants of God because of your prayers and giving.

PEREP 2022 Graduation May 20222
PEREP 2022 Graduation May 2022
PEREP 2022 Graduation june 2022
PEREP 2022 Graduation June 2022
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