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What a blessing!

"What a Blessing GOD has been here at our facility ...Thanks to GOD first of all and to UPMI for supplying the Spiritual food desperately needed at our facility. It used to be other material and books lying around everywhere you go, but now all you see is Christian literature everywhere. Thank you again and Blessings to you... Any other books and daily devotionals, etc... please send to our address. I will assure they will be passed out and utilized. After all, it's His word not ours; but it's our job to get it out. This could be the first time or the last time that our residents get the chance to experience the love of our FATHER...."

Senior Deputy Chaplain Robert Martell,

Marine County Detention Center,

Chaplain Martell received additional Desire of Ages, Bible Questions Answered and Keys to Happiness books for the approximately 300 inmates at his correctional facility in Kentucky because of your giving. Praise the Lord!

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