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We are happy to announce that life changing literature was sent

We are happy to announce that life changing literature was sent to this facility because of the loving support of those who believe in the great commission: "When I was in prison, ye visited me."

"Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We pray that this correspondence finds you well.  We write to you today to seek your assistance and support in our ministry at the Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler, Florida.  This facility is a Correctional Institution in the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC).  It serves as one of four reception centers for FDC and is the primary medical facility for the Department.  Inmates are reception centers for FDC and are primary medical facilities for the Department. Inmates are sent to this facility from across the state for special medical treatment as well as from county jails for their initial reception process.  This institution incorporates the only prison hospital for the male population.  Additionally, it houses many men with serious or terminal medical conditions.  It also has a Cancer Treatment Center and a Dialysis Center."

"The need for assistance at R.M.C. will likely never be truly fulfilled as each day 20 to 50 men are received into the facility as new commitments to the prison system.  Additionally, we receive 10 to 20 men here each week who arrive in need of serious medical attention.  Many of the mne who arrive here are diagnosed with terminal conditions and will pass into the next life from this facility.  Ours is a mission house planted within mere feet of hell's gates.  Your help to our mission allows us to introduce men to the Great Comforter and Healer who will use them into the Beautiful City not made with hands."

"Thank you in advance for all that you are able to do as we endeavor to fulfill the Great commissions.  Most importantly, we seek your prayers as we labor in His vineyards.  May God bless you and the ministry with which He has entrusted you.  In the service of the King." 

RMC Field Ministry Team. Florida.

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