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Prisoners Require Our Support

Prisoners require our support. By offering them the Word of God, we can help them find the strength to start anew.

Hi, my name is Michael.  I am locked up and waiting to go to a treatment facility.  A friend let me read your book, “Bible Answers,” and I loved it!  I lost my firstborn daughter, and I have been through a lot since then.  I have no one to send me Bibles, Bible lessons or books.  God bless you and I pray to Jesus for your help. I repeat this daily from your book, ‘Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.  If the Bible says it, I believe it. If God commands it, I will do it! If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me! So, study, study, study God’s Word daily. 

Praise the Lord!’ 

Prisoners require our support.

Michael, prisoner in Montana.

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