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I am intrigued as to what other titles you may offer

Updated: May 1, 2022

Dear UPMI,

"After finding and reading your book, Bible Answers, I am intrigued as to what other titles you may offer. While reading Bible Answers many of my long-held beliefs were confirmed as well as a lot of questions answered. It has been so refreshing to read a Bible-related book that actually teaches the Bible! My

eyes were first drawn to part IX, The Sabbath. I believe we should keep the Sabbath in honor of our creator and that the Sabbath, as part of the moral law, is just as binding to Christians as the law. Thou shalt not steal! Having passed my initial test. I don't trust those who think to change God's law (Malachi 3:6 and Daniel 7:25). I began to read other sections of interest. I now use Bible Answers as part of my daily studies. I would like to ask for a list of your materials.

I thank you for your ministr​y."​

Terry, prisoner in Texas

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