Updated: Feb 18

As your new leaders, we are excited to build on the solid foundation laid by our predecessors.

UPMI is on the move. Come join us!

We are committed to continue what UPMI does best--publish and distribute Christ-centered material to prisoners, ex-offenders, juvenile offenders and at-risk youth, and their families. Adding to distribution, we envision expanding UPMI's in-house created materials. UPMI began creating its own material for prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families through biblically based well-designed, and relevant set of 32 Bible lessons. As international speakers, professors and writers, our plan is to oversee the production of new and innovative materials for prisoners, ex-offenders, and the broader public in the area of Spirituality, Self-Development, and Self-Reliance. Our goal is to be the leader in the creation of Christian materials for prison ministry.


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