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“I am a new believer in Christ Jesus. I am also a prisoner serving a life sentence. I would like any information or books to help me grow in my Christian walk.”

Dwayne, prisoner in California.


“I want to thank you for baptizing me into the ministry, for giving me a better understanding of the word. You have been a great inspiration in my life. I have come to know God through your services. I can not express how much you all have done for me. Thank you!”

David, prisoner in Alabama.


Dear UPMI,
“I’m writing to say thank you for sending me Bible Answers book. I promise you that I will put it to good use. May Yahweh continue to bless you and your ministry.”

Mychal, prisoner in California.


“I never thought I would end up here, but here I am. My parents told me a thousand times that God had a plan for all of us. So I had to hit rock bottom so I can get reconnected with Him. I was wondering if you have any books or literature to help me along my path to reconnect with God. Thank you.”

Mark, prisoner in California.


    Dear UPMI,

    I would first like to thank you for all you do for inmates. It means a lot to get mail and when every word is full of truth, love, mercy and grace this means hope of eternal life for people like me. I am currently waiting on a court date and I think it’s going to be a while. I have been thinking to learn all I can about my Lord and Savior in this time. Thank you for providing the materials to assist me in achieving this goal of learning how to walk a closer walk with God and being obedient enough to share with others who would like to walk this walk as well.

    God Bless,
    Christopher, in Florida



      My name is Craig and I am housed at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in El Dorado, Kansas. I have recently given my life to serve Jesus. There is a lot that I don’t know and don’t understand about God’s word, the Bible. A fellow inmate has the book Bible Answers and I was so impress with the book that I must have one of my own. I believe that this book will be of unmeasurable benefit to my knowledge and understanding. I would also love to enroll in your Bible study correspondence in which I heard you offer. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. And may God bless your ministry to continue blessing us inmates in which so many speak highly of your assistance and commitment in helping the incarcerated reach a higher understanding of our God in such a godless world.

      Craig, prisoner in Kansas


      The first person to receive the new UPMI Bible study guides: Jessica stated she loved what she is seeing. Please keep these study guides in your prayers as we distribute them throughout to spread the gospel message.


      Brother Bland (right) holds up the new UPMI Study Guides.


        Hello UPMI, it is very good to be writing you all! My name is Auton. I am an inmate here at Bibb County Jail and I’ve been here going on a year now. I am a man of God and I truly love the Lord in spite of my sins. I have come to learn that Brother Bland along with the UPMI team loves the Lord and the inmates as well. I just wanted to take the time out personally by saying thank you! Thank you for doing what Christ would do concerning us inmates. We’re hungry, we thirst, and you have been feeding us the word of God, which has given people like me miraculous faith and comfort to continue doing my time in peace. I am truly doing time with the Lord. Thanks to UPMI and all the spiritual food you are providing through the wonderful books and inspiring ministry we highly look forward too. Thanks again for visiting us, thanks again for feeding God’s flock in spite of our sins.

        Yours Brother in Christ
        Auton, prisoner in Alabama