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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bland, “I just finished reading your book entitled Bible Answers...
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    “Hello, my name is Diana and I am writing to request books for my husband who is incarcerated and myself if at all possible along with any other literature yo may have available. Thank you so very much.”
    Diana, Texas.


      “I received your address from another inmate who told me that I could ask for free books and a Bible study.  Please send me Bible Answers and a your Bible studies.  I thank you in advance for sending these items to me.”
      David, inmate in Virginia.


      “I am a new believer in Christ Jesus. I am also a prisoner serving a life sentence. I would like any information or books to help me grow in my Christian walk.”

      Dwayne, prisoner in California.


      “I want to thank you for baptizing me into the ministry, for giving me a better understanding of the word. You have been a great inspiration in my life. I have come to know God through your services. I can not express how much you all have done for me. Thank you!”

      David, prisoner in Alabama.


      Dear UPMI,
      “I’m writing to say thank you for sending me Bible Answers book. I promise you that I will put it to good use. May Yahweh continue to bless you and your ministry.”

      Mychal, prisoner in California.


      “I never thought I would end up here, but here I am. My parents told me a thousand times that God had a plan for all of us. So I had to hit rock bottom so I can get reconnected with Him. I was wondering if you have any books or literature to help me along my path to reconnect with God. Thank you.”

      Mark, prisoner in California.