Greetings UPMI,

“My name is Daniel Kelley, I’m currently an inmate at Trousdale Correctional Center. I am a new Christian that began to know the Lord about three years ago. I am in a special pod that does not have the privilege of going to church like the rest of the compound. My cellmate and I have come up with the idea to bring church to the pod instead. We are going to start having Bible Studies and prayer groups with the men that want to attend.  I had a KJV Bible in county jail that I spent countless hours studying but they would not allow me to bring it with me when I came to prison. Right now, I am borrowing a friend’s Bible to study with and come up with lessons out of it. If there is any way you could locate me a KJV Bible that would be good for what my cellmate and I have going on.  I would greatly appreciate it. If I can only reach one man then all this time and work will be worth it. Also, if you have any other type of literature or books that will help me out, I would really love to have them. Right now, I need all the help I can get. I have turned it over to God and trust that He will provide the tools to help some of these men. I hope to hear from you soon, I promise to keep in contact and let you know how we are doing over here in Tennessee. Thank you for taking time and reading my letter.”


inmate in Tennessee.

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