Dear Ministries Staff,

“I wanted to write and say thank you for bringing Christ into my life. When your ministry came here for a visit I was very much impressed, I really felt something from that visit and I let those visitors know of my enjoyment as I was leaving the service.   When I read Desire of Ages, I saw the life of Christ in a completely new light. I was sad to see that bookend. That was the first religious book I was actually able to finish. I’m 64 years old. I’ve been in prison 35 years. I don’t have a whole lot of years left.  Is it possible to receive a copy of the King James Version of the Holy Bible and What The Bible Says Bible lessons? I don’t have any funds to purchase one, however, I would enjoy having it to study. With all this new guidance I’m receiving I feel like I’m getting a new understanding. Now it’s like all I read is religious material with United Prison Ministries being a big help for this.  I want to say thank you once again and may peace be with you all!”  


inmate in Ohio

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